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Unique Roles In Family Legal Matters

Unique Roles In Family Legal Matters

It would be unrealistic to assume that all of our clients are familiar with the legal process, let alone understand how it is going to impact them. We recognize that many family-related legal matters are often difficult to endure and that there are a lot of heightened emotions involved. This makes empathetic representation even more important and necessary, and our team is ready to help you through the process. In today’s blog, your North Haven and Greenwich, CT attorneys provide some information about important roles throughout the process you should be aware of before pursuing your legal matter.

A Guardian Ad Litem

Legal matters are hardly ever as black-and-white as one might expect. As a matter of fact, there is often always going to be some unique element about your particular matter that requires specific attention and research of the case law behind it. Moreover, many individuals view legal issues as those that are handled in a court of law. Contrary to popular belief, however, this is not always the case.

You see, your needs and experiences are extremely unique to your situation, and while we may have experience with several divorce proceedings, custody battles, and more, your case is going to be different. That being said, relative representation paying only attention to the facts will result in less-than-stellar representation, a pitfall our team strives to avoid.

Providing you with all of your options includes recognizing that matters can be settled in different ways, and there are different actors involved depending on the process. For instance, our team may act as Guardian Ad Litem in cases involve divorce with children and custody suits so as to represent the best interests of the child. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

A Mediator

Another important role to understand is that of a mediator. Not all legal proceedings are handled in a court before a jury or a judge, as litigation is not always necessary. With alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation, a mediator serves as an unbiased third party who helps communicate each side’s wants or needs until a compromise or decision has been reached. Contact our team to learn more information about this process today.

The Judge in Adversarial Family Law

When legal matters are adversarial in nature, they are often decided using litigation. Adversarial matters are those that involve two distinct parties going against one another in a court of law. In cases such as these, the judge and/or jury are the decision-makers that help determine the outcome of your case. Check out our client resources to learn more.

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