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How Our Law Services Can Help You

How Our Law Services Can Help You

Navigating the ins and outs of family law is undoubtedly daunting when you are going through it. Typically, having to utilize the services of a matrimonial law firm comes after stressful, unpleasant life experiences. With this in mind, it is essential that you work with a practice that not only has comprehensive experience and expertise, but also one that provides its services with attention paid to compassion and the very real human element that is at the center of matrimonial law. In today’s blog, your North Haven and Greenwich, CT attorneys discuss the services we provide and how they are intertwined with one another.

Dealing With Divorce

Divorce is always an immensely difficult experience. Even if you recognize that it is the best option for you and your family, it is still very painful. Moreover, navigating the legal aspect of it presents its own challenges that can feel overwhelming. Because of this, you need experienced legal representation on your side. As your attorneys, we know our role is not to judge your situation, but rather, to gain a complete understanding of it so we can ensure that you are represented properly through every step of the process. It is important that you don’t feel alone while going through a divorce, and we will be in your corner throughout all the proceedings and beyond as anything develops.

Navigating Child Support & Custody

As a parent, you understand that putting your children first is immensely important. Similarly, sorting through child support and custody issues must prioritize your children’s best interests. At our firm, we operate under the belief that it is our duty to act compassionately to all parties involved, no matter how difficult and painful it may be for you. Our job is to ensure that your child’s needs are met and that you are receiving the best possible representation while dealing with the difficult issues you are facing. New factors can appear even after initial child support  and custody terms have been agreed upon, so we are here to support you as things evolve and as the circumstances of your life shift.  We are intimately familiar with child support and custody matters, and we can make the process simpler and less burdensome for you and your children. At the end of the day, nothing is more important to our team than protecting your children, and we always strive to put them first.

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The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally difficult, and our team meets you where you are with compassion and understanding.


We represent you and your children’s best interests through custody matters by gaining a thorough understanding of your situation.

Other Services

Our attorneys can provide representation for your children’s best interests and safety when parties cannot reach agreement.