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Allow Custody Discussions To Be Opportunities

Allow Custody Discussions To Be Opportunities

The negotiations that lead up to your custody agreement with your former partner can make a significant difference in the outcome for your child. While these discussions are not always easy, it is important for the future of everyone involved that certain aspects are put into writing. This document allows both you and your partner to hold each other to a standard of parenting that you two agree upon.

While it is helpful for you two to come together for the wellbeing of your child, a legal advocate with a knowledge of Connecticut family court can help you ensure that your voice is heard. Speak with Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC with offices in Greenwich and North Haven, CT about your particular needs, so that you do not wind up alone while facing a skilled negotiating team. Knowledgeable counsel can help this transition be as smooth as possible for you and your child during a stressful time. Work to keep your values within the custody agreement through early discussion with a qualified legal professional about your negotiation.

What Is A Custody Agreement?

The binding document related to important parenting matters is known as a custody agreement. Through negotiation, you and your former partner can come to a collective decision on the practices in raising your child. Parenting after the family unit has separated can be a bit more involved, as there is a legal element to possible disputes. Custody agreements can include a broad range of areas where you and the other parent agree, so it may be helpful to begin negotiation in a place where there can be some unity.

Planning A Schedule For Your Family

The visitation of parents is one area where legal counsel can be of particular benefit. During your negotiations for your custody agreement, you and your partner will have to decide when each parent spends time with the child. It will also detail where the child will live and how long they will spend together. If possible, it can be helpful to find a flexible plan that allows all parties involved to be able to live their lives. Your custody agreement will still detail the appropriate actions of both you and your former partner to ensure that the needs of the child are kept first.

Working Toward A Positive Resolution For Our Clients

Even with a positive relationship now, the interaction between you and the other parent could sour, leading to a need to enforce the custody agreement. Without a dedicated plan now, you could be left trying to justify an action that is not in writing. Enter your negotiations with knowledgeable counsel from Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC with offices in Greenwich and North Haven, CT. Even with amicable splits, the relationship might change in the future, so take the time now to put important details in your custody agreement.


The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally difficult, and our team meets you where you are with compassion and understanding.


We represent you and your children’s best interests through custody matters by gaining a thorough understanding of your situation.

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