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Keep Your Child First During Custody

Keep Your Child First During Custody

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When you are in the process of ending your marriage in the eyes of the court, it can be an emotional time. After all, your goal was to stay together forever, but sometimes, circumstances change. If you share a child with your former partner, you can experience an additional level of difficulty. When it comes time to talk about the custody of your little one, be sure that you have a talented legal team behind you.

With a dedicated attorney at the law offices of Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC in Greenwich and North Haven, CT, you can keep the focus on raising your child. During your negotiation process, you do not want to be caught alone at the table against a skilled team of legal professionals, so take the time to find an advocate who fights for your rights. When you need help in the creation of a parenting plan, we are here to help you to find a solution that works for you and your child. Set aside some time to speak in order to learn about your options.

Your Parenting Plan Is A Highly Important Part Of Your Custody Negotiations

When you and your spouse choose to end your marriage, there are multiple things to consider. Obviously, there is an emotional element to divorce, but there are also aspects beyond that. For example, the state of Connecticut requires an equitable division of assets, as well as liabilities. This means that you and your former partner need to come to a conclusion on how to divide your finances.

If you and your spouse share a child, then the discussion can become even more complicated. During this time, you and the other parent will need to develop what is known as a parenting plan, which is a document detailing the rights and responsibilities of both of you.

Have A Talented Attorney During Every Step Of The Custody Process

One of the most important things you can do as a parent going through a divorce is to find a knowledgeable attorney who will fight for your rights. When you go it alone, you can find yourself facing off against a skilled negotiating team.

Every situation is different, and even amicable divorces can turn ugly whenever kids are involved. Keep our child in mind and protect your rights with a talented legal team.

Learn More About Connecticut Custody Laws

When you need to navigate the difficult waters of divorce and custody, talk with our team at Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC with offices in Greenwich and North Haven, CT. Give us a call at (203)234-1000 and tell us all about your specific situation, and we can help you through every step of the way, while keeping the needs of your child first.


The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally difficult, and our team meets you where you are with compassion and understanding.


We represent you and your children’s best interests through custody matters by gaining a thorough understanding of your situation.

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