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Are You Worried About Custody?

Are You Worried About Custody?

When a couple is dissolving their marriage, this can be a difficult and complex process. But if there are children involved, this can be even more difficult. Now, custody must be settled and arranged in a way that not only works for the parents, but for the children as well. Fortunately, your local attorneys at Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC in Greenwich and North Haven, CT have experience with custody issues and Guardian Ad Litem services.


When your marriage is ending, you need help from a legal team experienced in family law and divorce. We know how to navigate these complex issues and ensure you have someone in your corner who is watching out for your best interests. We also know that the divorce impacts more than just the couple separating if there are kids involved. Which is why we’re prepared to help you, and make sure your kids’ wellbeing and interests are being taken into consideration too.

Handling Complex Cases

We have experience in handling custody cases in the state of Connecticut. Our attorneys can make sure you know your options and have resources available to you to help settle your custody dispute. We know how this process works in our state, with the judge examining multiple factors from each party, such as finances and current living status, any abuse history, substance abuse, and the interests of your children. With our knowledge and experience, we can make sure you’re prepared to start this process.

Guardian Ad Litem

As part of your case, the court may recommend a Guardian Ad Litem. Essentially, the Guardian Ad Litem represents a child’s best interests. They do not represent either party in the divorce, and instead focus on ensuring the needs of the children are being served through the process. These individuals undergo extensive training, with the ability to interview both parents and the kids themselves, father facts and files, and speak with people in the child’s life, such as parents, teachers, and coaches. They then make a recommendation to the court about the best custody options for the child.

If you have any questions about divorce and custody concerns in the state of Connecticut, then please reach out to our team. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable family law attorneys are ready to help you during this emotionally draining and difficult process, each and every step of the way.

Find Out More About Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

We know this can be a difficult and emotionally fraught process, but we’re ready to help you. To learn more about handling complex familial disputes, give us a call at The Law Offices of Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC in North Haven and Greenwich, CT at (203)234-1000.


The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally difficult, and our team meets you where you are with compassion and understanding.


We represent you and your children’s best interests through custody matters by gaining a thorough understanding of your situation.

Other Services

Our attorneys can provide representation for your children’s best interests and safety when parties cannot reach agreement.