Marianne Charles successfully guided me from initial consultation through my divorce settlement and the final closure of alimony obligations two years later. Her depth of knowledge of family law, network of resources, and her effective negotiation strategies continually gave me confidence that I was being well represented and that my case would be settled fairly. Her law firm was always responsive and extremely helpful in managing the case. I strongly recommend Marianne and her firm and I suspect my ex-wife might do the same.

“Marianne Charles did her due diligence and went above and beyond for me with a very difficult case. She was always well prepared and is an expert in her field. She was always there for me either by phone or email…never kept me waiting or in the dark. She is well liked by her peers and more importantly respected by the judges that oversee her cases. I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm to anyone…you cannot do better elsewhere!”

“Marianne Charles gave me an honest, realistic assessment of my chances prior to taking my case. She is always well organized and prepared, and outlined a successful strategy for my case. She is experienced and well-regarded by her peers and the people in the court system which is a tremendous asset.”

“Corrine helped me work out an agreement with my ex husband to pay for post secondary education expenses for my daughter. This was an agreement signed during my divorce about 14 years ago. She got me through a very stressful situation in a professional manner. Even after the matter was settled she was willing to answer some questions that I had. She is great!”

“Corrine and her staff were very understanding of my situation and what I would need from my now ex-husband in order to live the rest of my life without worry. I cried often in the beginning and tissues were always handy! Nothing like working with a bunch of understanding woman when you are going through something like this after more than 26 years married! Simply can’t go wrong with this office!”

“Attorney Marhoffer is an incredible lawyer! She really fights for you. She was always available when I needed her. I was so glad she was on my side! She did an outstanding job in my divorce! I would highly recommend her”

“Susan was worth every penny. She was confident, professional, very smart, and had my best interests for me during the divorce. Not only was she tenacious, she could be comforting as well. She was also very good at calling out mt ex during the trial when he needed it. She exposed my ex for what he was and how he desimated our marriage. Thanks to Susan, I’m all set.”